Tested.me is a digital health information management system; reinventing the way we share and use our health data to benefit ourselves and those around us.

Our story

Tested.me began with a question:

”What if we could create a digital solution to help people get back to their work and social lives, safely and responsibly?”

Why we started?

It was the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and the thought was inspired by a family member whose business had been affected by the UK lockdown.

How we started?

That’s when we started researching. We quickly learned that there was nothing taking care of people’s health data, ethically and securely. Plus, there was no platform helping to actively build trust when people did return to their work and social lives. We quickly got to work and, within three months, launched our first platform.

Tested me in numbers today

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Introducing The Me Project

The Me Project is a revolutionary platform bringing people together through better, more secure personal and professional connections.

Created to combat a digital landscape where our data is too often compromised, The Me Project’s mission is to put you back in control of your health data. It’s your digital life on your terms.

What ties our platform together is an algorithmic, scannable, keep-for-life symbol which allows people to share their data in a more person-centred way. Tested.me is The Me Project’s first launch.

Our Team

Simon Osman


Katy Reid


Pete Grzonka

Business Partner Lead

Pete Henderson


Scott Hillier


Ronald Brus


Amelia Cook

Marketing Executive

Joshua Hoare

Technical Specialist, Customer Excellence

Bianca Bass

Brand & Marketing Lead Advisor

Rex Henderson

Customer Success Executive

Tested.me operates a global Business Partner Channel. If you are interested in becoming one of our trusted Business Partners, please email businesspartners@tested.me

Your trust is as important to us as your health and happiness is to you.