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Brendan Murphy


of BARBIE Bristol

'There are a huge number of Government restrictions for venue owners to adhere to and's contactless solution has been taken up by over 200 of our venues already. Hats off to for their speed of delivery!'

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Fulfil duty of care with clearer employee health data

Being a responsible employer has never been more important. With, you can view your team’s live health data whenever you need to.

Set up your health profile in seconds

Your time matters. We’ve made it as simple as possible to share your choice of health data whenever you want to.

Own your experience with smarter data controls

Everything we do has data security at its core and it’s only ever one swipe to wipe all your data. Your trust is as important to us as your health and happiness is to you.

Our mission is to get people back to work and their social lives, safely and responsibly